Four Ways Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

As we roll into another year, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs, not ways to spend more. An HVAC system is critical for your and your family’s comfort, and it is also a significant expense. Although preventative maintenance might seem like a waste and one more thing that you don’t need; it actually saves you money! How, you ask? We’re glad you did!

Increases Energy Efficiency

By keeping your HVAC system well maintained, you increase the likelihood that it is always running at optimal efficiency. That is important for many reasons, the most critical one being that less energy means lower energy costs monthly. So, although it might seem like you are paying money needlessly, you will reduce the risk of needing an expensive repair appointment – or worse, having to end up replacing your system prematurely.

Increase Your System’s Lifespan

A properly maintained system not only leads to the need for fewer repair calls; it also can help to extend the life of your HVAC system. Preventative maintenance helps keep your system a well-oiled machine. Keeping your system maintained leads to less wear and tear, and over the life of your unit, it will help to extend your system’s lifespan so that you won’t have to replace it as quickly.

Reduce the Risk of an Emergency Call

It is ironic that an HVAC system rarely goes out on a Monday morning at 9 am when the weather outside is 70 degrees and sunny! Emergencies usually happen at the very worst time possible, like during extreme heat spells or frigid winter days. HVAC emergencies are not only not fun to deal with; they cost way more than if you had scheduled routine maintenance to head off any problems with your system. Preventative maintenance is your best protection against being up at midnight on Sunday waiting for a technician to arrive.

It Makes You Green

Preventative maintenance reduces wear and tear and keeps your system from working too hard. That equals lower carbon emissions and decreases your carbon footprint. It is important for all of us to take steps to save the planet for future generations. So by having preventative maintenance, you are saving some green in your wallet and being green all at once. It is a win-win situation!

As we head into the spring and summer months, the economy is uncertain, prices are on the rise, and not many people are looking for ways to spend money. Preventative maintenance might seem like one more expense that you don’t need, but when you really consider all that you gain from it, it ends up saving you money.

Our Preventative Maintenance…

At Four Seasons, we understand the importance of regular maintenance and have devised our program so that you have your system maintained to keep it running for the long term. While performing maintenance, we can also diagnose and address any small concerns before they become major. Contact us today to get started and let us make sure that your system is running as well as it possibly can for all four seasons!